Work Scheduled Throughout Lufkin District

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As a major construction project in Nacogdoches nears completion, TxDOT is urging motorists to take alternate routes to avoid delays as the final surface of hot mix is applied to US 59 near SL 224.

Webber, contractor for the $14 million construction project, will be applying the final layer of hot mix next week that will complete the surface of both north and southbound lanes, weather permitting. Motorists are urged to take alternate routes to avoid delays through the work area. Recommended routes include FM 2782 or SH 7. Old Lufkin Road is not a recommended route of travel.

“Traffic delays at the intersection of SL 224 in Nacogdoches have been consistent and lengthy,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information officer for the Lufkin District. “While we are not implementing a set detour around this construction project, we are urging motorists to choose one of the two alternate routes in order to avoid the congestion and delays they will continue to see for a few more days.”

Other updates for the Lufkin District for the coming week include:


US 69 South: Work will continue to prepare the right of way from the city of Huntington to FM 844 for a future construction project. Crews will continue to seed the newly cleared area and work should not affect the traveling public, but motorists are urged to stay alert.


FM 95: Approach work continues at the newly constructed Parallel and Dog Creek bridges.

FM 1638: Work will continue to safety treat fixed objects, and repairing and replacing metal beam guard fence from FM 698 to FM 2609.


US 59: Work will continue to replace northbound bridge railing at Bear Creek in Corrigan, metal beam guard fence at the Neches River Bridge and relief bridges in the southbound lanes from US 287 to the Neches River. Daily lane closures expected.

East Clamon Road:  Crews will work to establish vegetation at the newly constructed bridges on Jack Pate Road and Upper Leggett Road.

Dick Skinner Road: Work will continue on bridge approaches at the newly constructed bridge, which crosses a tributary of the Neches River.


US 59: Crews are scheduled to continue work on the new southbound main lanes and temporary detour that will add a southbound frontage road from just south of the Union Pacific Railroad overpass to just north of FM 2914. Motorists should be aware of trucks entering and exiting the roadway.

US 190: Work is scheduled to prepare right-of-way at culvert ends where crews will begin safety treating fixed objects and upgrade metal beam guard railing from the Walker County line to the Polk County line..

City of Coldspring: Work will continue on upgrading sidewalk areas and adding curb ramps at various locations within the city.

FM 1127: Work is scheduled to safety end treat fixed objects.


US 84: Westbound paving will continue at the Sabine River at the Texas/Louisiana borders. Work on storm sewer drains is scheduled in both Texas and Louisiana near the newly constructed bridges.

SH 7: Workers will continue to install metal beam guard fence, culverts and cross drainage structures from 4.4 miles east of FM 2913 to US 96.

FM 415: Detours are being constructed at Bear Bayou in preparation for a bridge replacement.

CR 4256: Crews will continue to work on bridge approaches at the tributary of Flat Fork Creek. The bridge decking has been completed.

CR 4564: The box culvert at the Hilliard Creek Bridge is complete and work to construct bridge decks at Spinney Creek and Shoat Creek bridges is underway.

CR 4020: Work will continue as abutments are constructed at Bear Bayou and the tributary of Flat Fork Creek near the access road at Toledo Bend Reservoir.


US 96: Hot mix asphalt has been placed on the southbound lanes from the Shelby County line to FM 3451 with striping and signage planned for placement in coming weeks.

SH 21: Barricades are scheduled to be set and embankment work is scheduled to begin for the bridge replacements at Venado Creek and Perkins Creek.


US 287: Work crews will continue to safety treat fixed objects through the project from the Houston County line to SH 94, adding new safety ends to driveways, streets and cross structures. Daily lane closures expected.


SH 21: Work will continue to safety treat fixed objects from just south of SL 304 to the Cherokee County line. Daily lane closures expected.

SH 21: Work will continue as concrete is undercut and removed in the westbound travel lane just west of Crockett. Motorists should prepare for delays. In Austonio, crews are scheduled to place grout around the guardrail posts and continue working on signage from FM 1280 to 2.32 miles east of FM 2967.

SH 19:  Crews are scheduled to safety treat fixed objects, extend cross structures and install driveway pipe from SH 7 to 1.6 miles north of FM 231. This project will extend into Trinity County. Daily lane closures expected.

FM 227: Work is scheduled to continue as crews cement treat the roadway and work to construct bridge railings at the newly constructed bridge at Hickory Creek.

Mission Tejas State Park: Work will continue on a new entrance and parking lot as crews work on sidewalks and driveways.


FM 1: Work is scheduled to continue safety treating fixed objects from SH 184 to SS 1. Crews will continue to work on box culverts on the south end of the project.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.


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