Work Scheduled Requiring Lane Closures in Several Areas

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Rhonda Oaks
Rhonda Oaks is the Public Information Officer for the nine-county Lufkin District of the Texas Department of Transportation. A Lufkin native, she is a graduate of Hudson High School and Angelina College. She has a background in print journalism and worked for many years as a newspaper reporter and a freelance writer. She has received eight Associated Press awards. Her articles have been published in many publications over the past 25 years.

Motorists traveling US 59 near SL 224 in Nacogdoches will experience delays Wednesday, Feb. 1 when work is scheduled at the US 259 southbound exit ramp that will require a lane closure.

Ditch work is scheduled at the US 259 exit ramp and US 59 south that will require all southbound traffic to be detoured to FM 343 before being returned onto US 59. Motorists are urged to use caution and expect delays.

Several of the nine counties in the Lufkin District will continue to see progress on construction and maintenance projects next week, weather permitting. Lane closures could be scheduled throughout work areas.

Motorists are urged to stay alert and obey all traffic control devices, flaggers or pilot cars that might be in place. Reduce speed and prepare for delays. All work schedules are subject to change in inclement weather. Visit for a complete list of closures throughout the state.

Work scheduled for the week of Jan 30 through Feb. 3 includes:


US 59 North: Work is scheduled to continue for the installation of new metal beam guard fence and non-mow strips near the Angelina River. Intermittent lane closures will be required through the area as workers remove and replace bridge railings.

US 69 South: Work is scheduled to continue clearing the right of way for a future project from the city of Huntington to FM 844. This work should not impact the traveling public but motorists are urged to stay alert.


US 59: Sidewalks and driveways are being constructed as well as repairs and replacements to curb and gutter throughout the project from SL 224 to 1.3 miles south of SL 224. Center median work also continues. Cement treatment is scheduled in northbound lanes just south of SL 224.

FM 95: Approach work at the newly constructed Dog Creek Bridge is planned.

FM 1638: Work is scheduled to continue safety treating fixed objects, repairing and replacing metal beam guard fence from FM 698 to FM 2609.

FM 1275 (University Drive): Crews are scheduled to work on curb and gutter in various locations. Motorists could experience intermittent lane closures through the work areas.


US 84: Work is scheduled to continue on the new bridge railings and intersections at the Sabine River at the Texas/Louisiana borders. The bridge decking is complete and crews will continue intersection island work in Louisiana on LA 5. Crews will begin milling operations next week, weather permitting.

SH 7: Workers will continue to install metal beam guard fence, culverts and cross drainage structures through the project from 4.4 miles east of FM 2913 to US 96.

FM 415: The bridge detour is being constructed at Bear Bayou.

CR 4256: Crews will continue to work on bridge approaches at the tributary of Flat Fork Creek. The bridge decking has been completed.

CR 4564: Work is scheduled to complete the box culvert at the Hilliard Creek Bridge and construction of the drill shafts is scheduled for Spinney Creek and Shoat Creek bridges.


SH 7: Hot mix asphalt is scheduled to be applied throughout the project from just east of FM 232 to Kennard that will complete reconstruction of the pavement and addition of passing lanes and shoulders. Motorists should expect lane closures and delays. Flaggers and a pilot car will be used to direct traffic.

SH 7: Crews will apply spot seal for 8 miles west from Loop 304 in Crockett.

SH 7 East: Crews will mill and texturize pavement and level edges near the Houston County Airport.

SH 21: Work is planned to mill the eastbound lanes and repair detour pavement near Crockett. In Austonio, workers will also continue to place metal beam guard fence and dress ditches on the project from FM 1280 to 2.32 miles east of FM 2967.

FM 227: Work is scheduled to pour concrete for the bridge deck at Hickory Creek that will result in the replacement of the bridge and approaches.

FM 2022: Work is scheduled to level up edges at various locations from FM 2423 to FM 2663.

FM 3313: Spot sealing is scheduled from FM 2022 to the end of pavement.

FM 2110: Base work, sealing and level up is scheduled in various locations.

Mission Tejas State Park: Construction will continue on a new entrance and parking lot.

Loop 304/Crockett: Level up work is scheduled from SH 19 South to US 287 North. Workers will also apply spot seal on Loop 304 from US 287 North to SH 7 West. Motorists should prepare for lane closures through the work areas.


US 287: Handrails are being installed on sidewalks and work continues on curbs through the project in the city of Groveton. Motorists could experience a lane closure through the work area.

US 287: Work crews will continue to safety treat fixed objects throughout the project from the Houston County line to SH 94, adding new safety ends to driveways, streets and cross structures.

Various locations: Workers will repair edges and patch potholes and signs.


US 190: Work is scheduled to continue placing metal beam guard fence and installing culverts throughout the project that will add passing lanes and widen the roadway from Onalaska to FM 2457.

FM 62: Hot mix is scheduled to be placed in the project area at Draw Creek.

Livingston State Park: Yaupon and Red Oak camp loops remain closed as crews continue to rehabilitate roads, parking lots and campsites within the Piney Shore, Red Oak and Yaupon camping areas.

Dick Skinner Road: Crews are preparing rights-of-way to replace the bridge and approaches that cross a tributary of the Neches River.

East Clamon Road:  Work is scheduled to continue removing the old bridge. Bridge replacements on Jack Pate Road and Upper Leggett Road are complete.


US 96: Crews are scheduled to safety treat fixed objects and replacing metal beam guard fence from FM 83 to the Jasper County line.

SH 21: Workers are scheduled to continue safety treating fixed objects and replacing metal beam guard fence from SH 147 to FM 1.

FM 1175: Work is scheduled to safety treat fixed objects and replace metal beam guard fence from the end of pavement to FM 83.


US 59: Sweeping pavement and bridges in various locations is scheduled throughout the week. Motorists should prepare for delays and intermittent lane closures.

US 59: Crews are scheduled to place seal coat underseal and install signs in the project area that will add frontage roads from 1 mile north of FM 2914 to 1 mile south of FM 2914. Motorists should be aware of trucks entering and exiting the roadway.

US 59: Crews will continue to replace and upgrade metal beam guard fence from just south of FM 2914 to the Liberty County line.

SH 150: Work is scheduled to address drainage issues in various locations.

FM 223: Crews will be cleaning, straightening and replacing delineators, signs and mailboxes in various locations.

FM 946: Crews will repair pavement edges in various locations. Motorists should be alert to trucks entering the roadway and intermittent lane closures.

FM 946: Crews will repair ruts and base failures in various locations. Tree trimming crews will also be trimming and removing debris from trees and the right of way in various locations throughout the week.


FM 1: Work is scheduled to continue safety treating fixed objects from SH 184 to SS 1.

For more information, contact or (936) 633-4395.

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