Woodland Heights Administers First COVID-19 Vaccines to Frontline Healthcare Workers


Nearly 100 employees and physicians received the first of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine this past Monday. The facility received the immunizations Monday morning and wasted no time in getting them to the front line employees and physicians.

“We are happy to have this extra protection to offer to our staff and physicians,” states Drew Emery, CEO of Woodland Heights. “Our team members and medical staff have been fighting this virus for going on a year now and this extra layer of protection is an important step in that fight.”

The Moderna vaccine requires two shots for the appropriate immune response. All who are receiving the vaccine now will receive the booster shot in four weeks.

Data available so far have shown that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are around 95% effective. This is a very effective vaccine since the typical influenza vaccine is usually 40-60% effective at preventing the flu.

“Although we do not plan to make the vaccine mandatory, we anticipate many of our healthcare workers will choose to be vaccinated.” States Emery.