If fall is the season in which leaves change color and shed from the trees, then why shouldn’t it also be the season when we change our hair color or trim off a few locks? Hair and its trends are ever-changing, whether they are outrageous or simple. This year, there is a style or hair color for everyone! Here is a mix of some of the most popular trends of the season ranging from sweet and simplistic to edgy.

Singer Taylor Swift sports a beveled bob.

Beveled Bob

If you are looking for something permanently elegant and slightly futuristic, this look is for you. This style has been rocked recently by Reality Star Kylie Jenner and Actress Taylor Swift, one in jet black and one in blonde, so we know that it can be worn versatile.

Designer Mary-Kate Olsen sports dark roots.

Dark Roots

This style is low-maintenance and it is not permanent. In fact, you can dye your hair without having to worry about constantly retouching those pesky roots. Usually this style is worn with dyed blonde hair, but it can be done with any color that is lighter than your natural hair color.

Singer Rihanna added an gray ombre to her long locks.
Singer Rihanna added a grey ombre to her long locks.

Grey Ombre

This style is a bit more daring and edgy. It involves the roots of the hair to be black and eventually the hair dwindles down to grey at the tips. Celebrities like Dascha Polanco and Hilary Duff have been seen wearing this style.

Styling your hair into knots is a go-to look this fall.
Styling your hair into knots is a go-to look this fall.


While this style may not be as permanent as dying your hair, or cutting it, it still has potential to update your look this season. Transform your look by quitting basic messy buns, or neat ones, and tie your hair into a knot.

Texturizing your hair is a popular look this fall.
Texturing your hair is a popular look this fall.

Natural Hair

This is one hair trend that I could seriously get behind. There is too much pressure nowadays to always have your hair perfect, but this trend diminishes that. Wearing your hair in its natural state has recently become trendy, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Rose gold hair is a staple this fall.
Rose gold hair is a staple this fall.

Rosy Hair

Pink hair – this has been a staple for many celebrities, such as Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, but recently this look has gotten an update. Rose gold hair is the way to have pink hair without looking so bright and outrageous.

Actress Minka Kelly styles her hair with a side part.
Actress Minka Kelly styles her hair with a side part.

Side Part

This is another example of a simple change that could totally revamp your hair. Moving the part in your hair from the center to the side can give you a seriously classy side bang or just a new twist on your everyday style.

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt wears a messy bun for a night out.

Voluminous Buns

If knots aren’t your thing, and you would just throw your hair up into a huge messy bun, this look is for you.

Actress Anne Hathaway wears her hair into loose curls.


These loose curls can turn your everyday look into something a little more glamorous without all of the work.

Actress Blake Lively styles her hair into 80’s curls.

80’s Hair

Lately all sorts of trends from the past decades have been coming back and the hairstyles from the 80’s are just the latest to come back into style. Big hair, curls, and quiffs are all fair game.

If any of these hair trends seem to interest you, try them out. After all, fall is the season of change!