What’s In: Fall Boot Guide

A photo of riding boots.

You can usually tell when it is fall by the leaves falling from the trees or by the abundance of women trading in their summer sandals for boots. As comical as it sounds, boots have become a staple of the fall season just like pumpkin spice lattes.

There are so many different styles of boots to wear and an even more wide array of ways to wear them. If you ever need to know which boots to wear and how to wear them, here is a fall boot guide to help you make the most stylish choice!

Riding Boots – Riding boots have become very popular in the last few years for fall fashion. These are very versatile boots and can be paired with almost anything from skinny jeans and leggings to dresses.

Thigh-High Boots – Thigh-high’s have recently become a trend with many celebrities wearing them. These boots are typically worn with shorts or dresses because they come up so high on the leg. However, they can still be worn with jeans.

A photo of wedge boots.

Wedge Boots – Wedge boots are not your everyday boots. These are best for a night out in the fall, because they keep you warm while still looking fashionable. Wedge boots look great with jeans and leggings.

Hardware/Combat Boots – If you are going for an edgier look, Hardware boots are the way to go this fall. These boots are also very versatile and can be worn with dresses as well as jeans and leggings.

Open-Toe Booties – These boots are great for everyday life. They have the look of a sophisticated heel however they are still a boot without the chunkiness of one. Open-toe booties come in wedges and heels and they can be worn with almost anything, even capris.

A photo of lace-up booties.

Lace-Up Booties – These boots can be worn with a more casual outfit. Lace-Up booties come in heel or flat styles and they are mostly worn with jeans, more specifically skinny jeans.

These are the most popular boot styles that you will encounter this fall. Refer back to this article for help putting together a fall outfit with any of these boots!