The first time I saw a girl walking in the street wearing a choker I had to a double take – is it 1990 again?
Nope, it’s 2016, and chokers are back in style.

Instead of the plain black tattoo designs I use to wear around my neck as a young girl, chokers are now available in gold, silver, pink, and have so many different creative designs to fit your personality!

Who knew chokers would come back in such a fashionable way? I didn’t think so, but they are back and I don’t think they are leaving anytime soon.

This made me think, “What other ’90s styles are coming back?” One search on Google and my question was answered. So, here are my top four favorite styles coming back this season:

Chokers are the perfect accessories for fall.


Of course, chokers were my number one choice. I absolutely adore chokers, and they look fabulous with any outfit. Caitlyn Kirkland, owner of Rubie & Jane Boutique in Lufkin, said when she went to market chokers were everywhere. They just aren’t for everyday attire; look for them when you go shopping for formal wear. Luckily, they aren’t hard to find, you can buy them anywhere: local boutiques, Forever 21, and Claire’s to name a few. Wear them on their own or style a choker with a few longer necklaces for a layered look. Whatever your style, there is a choker that is designed for you!

Berry Lips

Honestly, I usually slap on some chapstick everyday for my lip wear, but it’s just not cutting it anymore. So, I’m adding this in to promise myself to wear more color on my lips – berry lips. Here are a few tips I picked up from Allure magazine on wearing berry lips: Pick your berry right! There are different shades ranging from blackberry to raspberry to boysenberry. It all depends on your skin tone. Since I have light skin, I’ll choose something that’s dark, but sheer. Medium skin tones can get away with a richer, truer berry, and those with dark skin should choose a deep color that won’t blend in with their skin. Go ahead and try this look, let me know what you think!

Berry lipstick is the go-to lip shade for the season.

Floral Skater Dress

Dresses are my favorite thing in the world, and then mixed with florals – ah, heaven! Floral patterns are making a huge splash this fall, specifically the sunflower and daisy prints. I’m absolutely loving this look! Skater dresses fit perfectly on any size, coming in at the waste and popping out with a flare. It’s a fantastic dress for any date night with your boo, or just the right fit for a day lunch with the girls. Plus, on the colder days pair the dress with tights and your favorite boots this fall!

Big, Blown Out Hair

Well, this is an easy one – we live in Texas, and big, blown out hair has never gone out of style. Just feather my bangs back and I feel like Farrah Fawcett as the wind blows. One technique to get big, blown out hair is to flip your hair over, spray hairspray, and then flip it back over – volume at its finest! Another technique to get big hair is to roll your hair with a curling iron at least with a two inch barrel to get the big curls and waves in your hair. Then don’t forget the hairspray, at least that’s what my mama always says!

Backstreet Boys in concert.

Since chokers, scrunchies, berry lipstick, and the famous platform shoes are back in my every day wear, I had to find out what happened to my favorite ’90’s guilty pleasure – Backstreet Boys. Another search on Google, and I found out my favorite boy band is playing in Las Vegas in 2017 at The Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

So, I better perfect the big hair flip, find the perfect floral skater dress, and put on that berry lip because Vegas, I’m coming for you!