What to Do on a Rainy Day

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With it raining almost every day this week, people are not really able to go enjoy the great outdoors much. Staying inside all week can make you feel stifled and bored, and you can even get stressed out by the smallest things.

Instead of just sleeping all day or playing a video game by yourself, take this time to spend with your family or friends! If you do not like just watching a movie, play some card games, board games, or charades.

Sometimes, it is good to play board games that help one to grow closer to family and friends. I know of one board game that lists off different phobias on cards called “Your Worst Nightmare”. You have to rank the cards in order, from which one you fear the most to which one you fear the least while other people have to guess the order you put the phobias in. It’s definitely fun and it helps one to connect to his/her family and friends on a deeper level.

Personally, I do not like extremely competitive games. If you are like me, I would suggest playing a more laid-back game, like the board game “Life”! It’s a classic board game that takes an extensive amount of time, with only a little competitiveness.

If you do not like board games, try helping your parents out around the house or in the kitchen! Helping your parents out without them asking you to do anything makes them feel cared about. Helping them out can improve your relationship overall!

Lastly, try doing some karaoke! Singing with the people that you are close to is one of the most fun things to do, in my opinion. However, even if you are singing for fun, do not strain your voice! It can damage your vocal chords and make singing or even talking tough to do.

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