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Salmon Lake Park is one of the most beautiful parks in east Texas. It is very family-friendly with many things for you and your family to do. Salmon Lake Park is 115 acres of incredible fun. The swimming hole/lake, which is spring fed, is 2 acres with a sand bottom, perfect for kids to swim and play. You can stay in a tent, camper, RV, or in one of their vintage cabins. Some cabins even have a stunning lakefront view. The new owners, Trent and Bethany, have owned the park since October of 2020. Salmon Lake is located at 247 Salmon Lake Rd Grapeland, TX 75844. Salmon Lake Park is a place like no other, and it is a must-add to your bucket list. It is truly a hidden gem in Deep East Texas.

A Little History

Mr. Salmon bought the 115 acres for his homestead in the mid-1970s. He raised cattle and had three daughters. He damned up the creek on his property to create a watering hole for his cattle. His daughters, however, had different plans. Their friends loved to swim and play in the lake. Soon, word got out in the small town of Grapeland that there was a place to swim. The whole town loved the swimming hole. During this time, a friend of Mr. salmon, who was a major bluegrass artist, suggested he turn his property into a place to have festivals. That year they held the first annual bluegrass festival. He also moved houses, and any houses people didn’t want on their property anymore he moved to the park. he turned those houses into cabins.

How Did Trent And Bethany Get To Salmon Lake

Trent and Bethany say that Salmon lake is a perfect place to relax and find some peace. They first heard of Salmon Lake for a camping event with her parents, four years before purchasing the park. In 2020, when COVID-19 shut the world down, everyone was stuck in their homes but Trent and Bethany remembered the beautiful park they had once visited. They were only planning on staying there a couple of weeks in May, but weeks turned into months. Soon they knew they had to make an offer because their love for this place grew so big. The owners at the time finalized the agreement in October of 2020 and that is how Salmon Lake park is now Trent and Bethanys’ new home.

The Bluegrass Festivals

Salmon Lake has two Bluegrass Festivals, which are both incredible. First, the gospel bluegrass festival is held every memorial day weekend, in May. Then, the traditional bluegrass festival is held every labor day weekend, in September. The traditional Bluegrass festival is one of the longest-running bluegrass festivals in Texas. Both Bluegrass festivals have musicians from all over the country. Eventually, These festivals were even nationally recognized.

For more information on the Bluegrass Festivals or anything about Salmon Lake Park, visit Everyone needs to visit this incredible Park at least once in their lifetime!

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