Tips to Achieve Beautiful Summer Hair

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From damage to color fade, to dry-out and breakage caused by styling and seasonal activities like swimming, summer can wreak havoc on your hair — if you let it. Here’s a bit about the science of your hair’s structure, as well as what to know to keep your locks looking their best all season long.

Strengthen Hair

As the experts at L’Oreal Paris explain, many hair care treatments significantly improve the hair’s surface by providing softness and shine. However, with hair’s complex structure primarily made up of proteins, strengthening the core of the hair fiber is much harder to achieve.

Additionally, the architecture of the hair fiber is consolidated by numerous chemical bonds that create bridges between the chains. These bonds can be broken due to heat styling, summer weather conditions and other factors, resulting in dullness, weakness, and breakage. Sticking with products that strengthen hair can go a long way toward reversing course.

Beat Frizz

Summer weather can vary by location, but regardless, a leave-in styler can be helpful in combating frizz amid the heat and humidity of the season. Additionally, ending your shower with a bit of cold water helps seal the cuticles that were just opened by the warm/hot water you used to wash your hair. Sealed cuticles reflect light better (think shiny hair) and the frizz is less noticeable.

Manage Color

“Who doesn’t love getting outside once the weather heats up? As a colorist, it’s my responsibility to make sure my clients know that proactive and reactive care are so vital to keeping color looking its best,” says celebrity hair stylist and colorist, Jonathan Colombini.


Over time, scalp buildup can cause issues like itching, shedding and clogged follicles. Unfortunately, the summer months can involve chlorine exposure, excess sweat, and more product build-up than usual due to your on-the-go lifestyle. To deeply cleanse, exfoliate and remove excess build-up, all while being gentle on color-treated hair, try EverPure Scalp Care + Detox Shampoo and Scrub.

When it comes to your hair goals, a few simple tweaks to your routine can mean a summer of sun and fun that doesn’t take a toll on your tresses.

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