Three Ways to Spend More Time at a Coffee Shop

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Do you ever feel like getting out of the house, but want to be cozy at the same time? Coffee shops are the way to go. Coffee shops bring in enjoyment and comfort to the table, which is just what we need going into the new year!

Make Studying Comfortable

Studying can be a stressful task at home. You may get distracted easily by your phone or your pets are just too cute to ignore! Going to a coffee shop can be a new change of pace for some people, it definitely is for me. I personally struggle with ADHD so moving environments are super nice and are really beneficial to me and some of my friends. And it is also an excuse to get a tasty drink while you work hard!

Relaxed Artistry

I have been stopping by my local coffee joint more recently to paint and draw in my sketchbook, and it is absolutely amazing. There are so many possibilities for inspiration! There is an insane amount of diverse people who come in that you could paint or sketch. If you’re into fashion, you could get many ideas on how to wear clothing from other people who may have the same style as you. You never know who will walk through those doors.

Meeting Friends

Meeting up with friends is so much fun and a way to relieve stress, being with the people you love in a lovely environment is healing to the soul. Getting out and socializing is very important to some people, including me. Sitting down with a person you haven’t met in a while over a cup of coffee in a relaxed environment can be enjoyable and may calm the nervous jitters. To meet up with friends and grab some coffee for a couple of hours is another great way to spend time with your loved ones.

Looking For a Place to Meet Up? Try These Local Shops

The Standpipe Coffee House

Java Jacks Coffee House

Buck’s Cup of Joe

Me Painting at The Standpipe Coffee House
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