Three Ways to Style a Peasant Skirt

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Tiered peasant skirts are coming back in style. If we’re being honest here, I don’t think they ever left, but that’s a discussion for another day. In this article, we’ve put together three different ways to style a black peasant skirt. Since the skirt has a vintage vibe, we went to Rose Cottage Resale in Lufkin, Texas, to help us pull together these looks.

Style #1

First up is a brown button up shirt over the black skirt. Button-up shirts are a must have when it comes to anything fashion. They can be styled in many ways but today we used the more basic approach.

Style #2

A black skirt is the perfect canvas for a pop of color. This striped shirt makes a great contrast against the dark skirt and shows off that pink purse. It’s just the kind of pop that will make it stand out.

Style #3

This look brings it all back down to earth. The brown on top of the beige shirt is just an excellent finish to the whole outfit. It gives this warm and calm vibe that could match almost any personality.

Choosing outfits can be a fun way to let loose and relax. It’s also a really good way to practice self-love. In my opinion, any outfit you wear is a stellar outfit if it makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Especially if you like yourself more in that outfit.

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