The Interns’ Outfits of Choice

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Rachel’s Outfits

My outfit choices are pretty simple, everything matches and I am comfortable. I’d say my style is pretty laid back but it also shows glimpses into my personality.

Dalton’s Outfits

Clothing to me is a really great way to showcase my personality and ambitions. I dress the way that I want to be treated, which is mostly classy and professional. My main color palette consists of neutral colors just to keep everything not too distracting in a work setting.

Rozalin’s Outfits

I really love fun clothing with unique patterns. I feel like it really captures my personality. I love feeling comfortable and cute at the same time.

Bee’s Outfits

To me, indie clothing brings me pure JOY. It allows me to accurately represent myself in an impeccable way and I absolutely adore it.

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