The TFCL Team Tries Out Tactical Fingerless Gloves

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Sportly sent the TFCL team a sample of the Tactical Fingerless Gloves, and we tried them out.

Tactical gloves are used primarily in sporting events. The package boasts superior grip, dexterity, breathability, weather and sweat proof.

Cool Glove ShotWhen you first look at these gloves, they appear bulky and uncomfortable. However, the glove is designed to comfortably envelope the hand and keep it sturdy at the same time.

The inside is lined with soft nylon that prevents too much chafing and itchiness. The back of the glove is covered in plastic that is slightly raised to avoid a build up of sweat and other moisture.

The plastic backing seems to be durable, and it would easily withstand the force of a paintball or airsoft pellet. It is designed to cover the fingers and knuckles. However, the knuckles are not completely covered. If you encountered a fall, there might be potential for damage.

The palm and thumb have extra padding that is quite comfortable. The fingers are left uncovered to provide better gripping and maneuverability.

The wristband is made of elastic and velcro. It works well as a reinforcement agent, but it would be better if the velcro portion on the inside of the wrist were longer.  Pic of Wrist Band

A great upside to these gloves is that they have a sturdy built in loop and clasp that will allow them to be clasped together when not in use. No more losing one glove!

The best thing about these gloves seems to be how comfortable they are and how breathable they are. If you are looking for something cheap, durable, and maneuverable for sporting events, these are the gloves for you.

Texas Forest Country Living received this product for free or at a reduced cost in exchange for an unbiased review. You can purchase the product here.

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