So it happened; Super Bowl LIV has come and gone, with some celebrating in the streets last night Andy Reid and his Chiefs finally getting the title they have been hunting for so many years; many there to see Whitehouse, Texas native and soon-to-be Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes do what he does; others just happy to spend the evening celebrating the end of another fun season of professional football in America with their friends and family.

However, we all know how big of a draw every year the ads during the Super Bowl are, and we also all know at least one person who is only there for just that.

So, as another Super Bowl Sunday comes and goes, we wanted to have the annual “which commercial was your favorite” conversation and open up the floor to our TFCL community about which ads were the most memorable for them.

As an office here at TFCL, it seems that we have narrowed it down to a few of the best. My personal winner probably has to be a hilarious Rocket Mortgage ad in which actor Jason Momoa reveals just how comfortable in his own skin he is when at home and away from cameras.

Fans of the animated show Rick and Morty may also understand why a certain Pringles ad last night came in close second for me.

I however seem to wind up in the minority on this topic of conversation as it relates to the rest of the office, as they have decided that their favorites come down to either Bill Murray’s Jeep commercial which was an homage to Murray’s 1993 classic “Groundhog Day,” or #PostyStore– the next installment in Bud Light’s new NFL Seltzer campaign- where rapper Post Malone’s body goes nuts when he tries the new seltzer for the first time. Either way, we’re all right so that’s that I suppose.

Still, none of them beat the Bud Knight at Baltimore Ravens’ training camp in 2018.

What do you think? Which was your favorite?