Taking Professional Photos with Your Phone Camera

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If you’re taking an interest in photography but don’t have a regular camera, do not worry! You will not necessarily have to have one right off the bat! With the technology now, you can take a professional-grade photo by just changing some settings, or buying some lens accessories for your phone, whether or not you have an android or an iPhone.

Having an iPhone 14 for this might be the best phone to have. That being said, go into your settings and select your camera app. From there, tap “formats” at the top, then choose “high efficiency.” After you have done that, below “high efficiency,” turn on “Apple ProRAW.” Then go into the option of the same name right below it, and put it on 48 MP. After all of that is on, go back to main camera settings.

Next, tap on “record video” and be sure to select 4K at 24 fps. Back out of that, and go into “record slo-mo.” Be sure it’s on 1080p HD at 240 fps. Go back to the camera’s main settings and choose “record cinematic.” Then, be sure to tap 4K at 24 fps. 

These settings will allow you to take photos that are absolutely stunning, and you will not have to transfer them to your phone since they’re already there.

The last thing to do would be to turn on the “grid” under the “composition” section in the main camera settings. This, however, is just optional. If the grid would be too distracting or you would be fine without it, you can leave this off.

Now, if you don’t have an iPhone 14, most of these instructions do not really apply. Some will apply, however. Another useful tip would be to go into the preserve settings and turn most of the options on. It will keep all of your adjustments, like brightness, filters, and other things instead of resetting every time you close the camera app. This is for any iPhone.

Moving on to androids, the settings with those will be different. 

For example, an Android 12 is much different than any iPhone. In this model, you would need to open the camera app itself. There are settings you can play around with, but there is a pro mode you can use instead. That allows you to do some of the basic things that a regular camera can do, like using manual focus (MF) instead of automatic focus.

Another way to make the picture more clear would be to simply clean your lens with a soft cloth. A cloth that you would normally use for glasses would do fine. Most phone and camera lenses alike often get dirty from just being in the back pocket of your jeans or just from the dust in the air.

Aside from all of these things you can do with just your settings, multiple stores also sell camera accessories for your phone. These can be useful especially if not all of the settings that were described earlier are available on your phone, whatever model or brand it is. Most of the accessories are usually lenses that can clip onto your phone over your existing lens.

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