Publishers: Lee & Kenla Miller

Misty Boggs, Managing Editor and Woman in Charge

Misty graduated from Angelina College in May 2012 after serving two semesters as editor and co-editor for the college newspaper.  Looking for an outlet to put her experience and degree to work, she joined MSGPR as an intern for, covering everything from swim meets to football games. She has also written on a variety of other topics, fulfilling a desire to help clients’ creatively communicate with their community while at MSGPR.  In 2014, she became editor for Texas Forest Country Living Magazine.

Madi Stephens, Content Producer and Associate Editor

Madi loves trees, and people, and puppies. She grew up in Lufkin, then headed to Houston, where she graduated with a degree in English Literature and minors in Education and Arab Studies. She spent her last two years living and teaching in the Middle East, and has a great affection for travel and culture. Despite traveling the world, East Texas will never be able to worm its way out of her heart. As a content producer, she’s always looking to make an impact with every word she writes and every picture she takes. Despite being a writer, she’s a notoriously bad speller and daily thanks Jesus for the invention of spellcheck. Currently, Madi is planning her next adventure to Seqouia National Park because she firmly believes that every good adventure needs trees. 

Jordan Bailey, Video Editor and Producer

Jordan is the life of the office. He’s our resident extrovert, and we love his people-oriented nature. He graduated from Pineywoods Community Academy before jumping into the world of video and production. His technological prowess is levels above the rest of the office, and he once claimed he could build a computer that fish could live in (we have yet to see it so we are a bit skeptical). Jordan loves living in the Texas Forest Country region and you can often find him smelling pine needles, hunting, and fishing. 

Rachel Lauren, Media Intern

Meet Rachel! She’s a 10th grader at LEAD Academy. She loves writing, photography, and drawing. Her hope is to one day be a professional photographer. She spends her time in the office learning about photography, media, and everything else she can! She can often be found meticulously organizing anything and everything that doesn’t have a home.