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Creative Ways to a Great First Date

What is one way to spice up your dating game? Re-vamp the meaning of a first date.

With a first date comes the stigma that a couple must get nicely dressed and go out to a moderately expensive, but not too expensive, restaraunt and talk about mellow subjects, careful to avoid anything too tabu, and end the night with a kiss on a doorstep.

Or not.

The point is that a first date should be fun and flirty and totally unique for the two individuals going on the date, especially if you are nervous. Cookie-cutter is only OK for dessert shops; go for a more quality experience on your next first date and ditch dinner.

Go to a Festival or Street Fair

You’ll need to plan ahead for this one

Many lasting memories can be made in comfortable clothes, traipsing together across the fairgrounds marvelling at the sights and sounds and getting powdered sugar from a funnel cake on each other. You and your date will never tire of conversation material, and you probably won’t be spending too much money, either.

Attend a Concert of a Mutual Favorite Band

“Music is the sound of a feeling.” Anonymous

Hopefully by the time you are ready to go on a first date, you have talked to your date about music. If not, don’t be afraid to broach the subject when you ask him or her out. Being real will be appreciated.

For this activity, you may need to be able to shell out some cash, however, there are plenty of free and live shows here in the Texas Forest Country Region or in its surrounding areas.

Go for a Coffee Walk

“This morning, with her, having coffee.” Johnny Cash’s answer when asked for his description of paradise.

One of the most typical dates is the coffee date. Don’t get me wrong, the coffee date is a timeless classic. However, it is always nice to be able to one-up a classic. Try grabbing coffee and taking a walk together somewhere beautiful. Explore the streets of downtown and scout out your next date. Enjoy a walk down a local trail. Visit your old neighborhood. Most of all, go somewhere you can feel both comfortable and a little out of your element together, so it will be a new experience for you both.

Relive a Favorite Childhood Memory

“You may forget your childhood, but your childhood does not forget you.” Michael Dibdin

Many things we used to do and places we used to go as children are abandoned as we grow older. Try revisiting somewhere you both used to love to go like the zoo or the arcade. Be silly and let the inhibitions and fears of embarrassment slide away as you swallow your ice cream whole at your favorite childhood ice cream parlor or fall on your backside at the skating rink. Learn to make moments that will stick with you forever.

Go Horseback Riding

“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” Unknown

Especially in the Texas Forest Country Region, horseback riding can be very fun and romantic without being too romantic. You can make the ride however long you want; you could even stop for a picnic and let your mounts graze next to you. However you do it, horseback riding is the opposite of a typical date, and it has tons of potential to be a great date.

Go to a Planetarium or Museum

“It’s not a museum. It’s not a place of artifacts; it’s a place of ideas.” Jeanie Kahnke

Museums and planetariums simply ooze romance and conversation starters. Whether it is art or history, science or invention, it is filled with ample opportunity. There is something about looking into the past that allows you a better look into both the present and the future. Make use of a beautiful thing as you attempt to start a beautiful romance!

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