If your fridge is filled with save-the-dates and wedding invitations, you’re inevitably facing the daunting question: what to give?

In taking a look at the couple’s registry, you may have been surprised by some of the items listed.

While in the past, you probably only found traditional household items like linens and cookware, these days, you can expect to see the latest home technologies, too. From connected doorbells and thermostats, to smart showers, these are the items that many of today’s millennials would want, suggests a new study.

Leading faucet manufacturer, Moen, commissioned a survey conducted online by Harris Poll in March 2018, which investigated what smart products would top the list when it comes to millennial (ages 18-34 at the time of the survey) wedding registries, and how this tech-savvy generation appear to be reinventing the process of registering. The survey found that 42 percent of millennials would want to include smart home products on their registry.

Millennials are bucking several age-old gifting beliefs, and while traditionalists may find these new registry customs strange, guests should consider selecting one of the high-tech items on a millennial couple’s list if they want their gift to stand out.