SFA Theatre Presents “Women Who Weave”

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SFA’s School of Theatre opens their SummerStage Festival today with “Women Who Weave,” a story exploring what it means to be brave and heroic by looking to the tales of Greek mythology. The Fates take young Atalanta on a journey by introducing her to various women from mythology who out-smarted their foes.

Our intern Bee had the chance to photograph the rehearsal, and said, “I think that the play showed a lot of character and I really enjoyed how funny and creative it was. I like that the girls and guys had different roles every time the scenes changed. I really recommend seeing it when you can because it is honestly such a vibe.”

SFA’s SummerStage series was created with the entire family in mind. The plays offer families and children affordable access to quality plays in a relaxed and approachable atmosphere. In fact, this year they are even offering sensory-friendly performances on June 6th and 8th at 10am, and July 7th at 6:30pm. The SummerStage series will run from June 23 – July 8, and includes “Women Who Weave” and “The Jungle Book Kids.” Learn more about “Women Who Weave” and SFA’s SummerStage Festival here.

Learn more about SFA’s School of Theatre here.

*All photos taken by tfcl intern, Bee Martinez.

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