Our God-given rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights to the Constitution are under lethal attack, and what is the Church doing about it? God has ordained the Church to be the guardian of the Biblical precepts of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” set out in our Declaration of Independence. Just as “Nero fiddled while Rome burned”, many Christian churches are silent, while immorality and violence prevail everywhere.

Pastors, preachers and teachers need to examine whether they are part of the “Church” that Jesus Christ said that He was going to build and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it. (Matthew 16:18). If the gates of Hell are prevailing in America (and they are) and your church is not engaged in producing saints that are discipled and equipped in God’s word, then the Christian faith and it’s immutable principles, will soon be lost to our generation.

Jesus said in John 10:10, that we should be aware that the enemy of everything good, has come to steal it from us. If we lose our right to religious liberty, whose fault will it be? Surely our pastors, teachers and preachers know that we are in a spiritual war and if they are not training us and promoting us in tactics designed by God for our defense, then the blood of millions of slaughtered babies in the womb (and now outside), the blood being shed in our streets by anarchists and the blood of our forefathers shed to make us one nation under God, will be on their heads and hands.

Many of our church leaders have already joined the enemy’s camp. They have adopted ungodly principles that violate God’s laws regarding life and family and are embracing socialism, which is antithetical to God’s government. Many are cold to God’s ways, but many more are simply lukewarm and God hates that. (Rev. 3:16). As Christians, we cannot stand on the sidelines and give our Nation over to the devil.

We need to remember that we are not called to be pacifists but warriors for Christ. We are called to be salt and light, preserving all that God has entrusted to us. The first and foremost thing that must be preserved is America itself, the land of the free and home of the brave. It is the land that was founded by God on His infallible Word and through men that He ordained to form a Republic, where our rights come from God and not man.

God sovereignly gave us a constitution that was designed to protect our God-given rights and order our lives in civil government and personal relationships.

I pray, plead and beg the Church of Jesus Christ to wake up from its slumber and stop diddling (Webster says it means to pass time aimlessly or unproductively). We are in this horrible situation now in America because so many of our church leaders have stopped leading us in paths of righteousness. They must stop being politically correct and tolerant of the enemy at the gate! It is past time to get some divine backbone and stand and fight for Christianity in America.

If we really believe God and His Word, we must recognize that the greatest battle in American history is going on right now and whether America survives will be determined in November 2020. It is a battle for the heart and soul of our nation. We have to take back what the enemy has already stolen and to the best of our ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and learn to serve and trust God again, lest we suffer the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah.

I thank God for the many church leaders that are beginning to address the threats of the enemy to eliminate God’s influence in our society. To all other leaders, you need to re-read Acts 4. In Acts 4:25, the Apostle Peter asked “Why do the nations rage and the people plot in vain?” In verse 29, his prayer was “Now Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.” Speak up now or we will all suffer the consequences that come from America without God.