Registration is now open for KNB’s 5k-9 fundraiser

Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful (KNB) has officially launched registration for its latest fundraiser KNB 5k9. The KNB 5k9 is an event open to all interested! Participants are encouraged to collect trash left out of the can, while getting out and having some fun with their pet all in the name of Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful.
Participants will spending quality time with their pet and cleaning up litter that has accumulated in different public areas in the community.
The KNB 5k9 Run is a community-wide fun activity and litter pick up contest that is open to anyone in the United States and participants are encouraged to involve other communities, regions and states that wants to get active and clean up litter in their area.
Registration opened at midnight on Friday, August 7, 2020. Registration links are available on the KNB website (, the KNB Facebook Page  KNB 5k9 Virtual Run  or online at
Participants must download and use the app called Active (available for both iOS and android users) and register under KNB 5k9 event. Contestants may register individually or as a group (all groups must demonstrate proper social distancing during the 5k as outlined by the CDC). Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful will supply bags, shirts, and doggy bandannas to all participants. These items will be available via shipping to homes of participants. Participants will be able to participate any time over a span of a week beginning Thursday, August 13, 2020 @12:01am and ending Saturday August 22, 2020 @11:59 pm, allowing participants to log onto the app and track their 5k on whichever day/time is best for their schedule.
Participants can submit photos for our competitions throughout the week as well. These include…
Best photo of pup
Best scenery photo
Most unique item found along the way
Fastest time finishing the run.
Prize entries may be submitted via email at or through Facebook Messenger, and must contain the following information:
Name/Group Name
Address(es) where to send possible prize to
Photographs of the following:
The dog and you together to be posted on our page, photo of dog, or photo of where you ran your 5k.
Prizes will be announced via Social Media – Facebook ( and Instagram (@keepnacbeautiful)