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With summer coming to an end, make the rest of it the best it can be! So plan a trip right here in deep East Texas! There are many places to visit and stay. From forests to antiques, you can go and seek out adventure in the heart of Piney Woods. 

Johnson’s Rock Shop

Taken from Johnson’s Rock Shop’s website

Go to Johnson’s Rock Shop for stones and minerals! They sell a variety of things that can range from 10 cents to 1,000 dollars, what a shocker! They are open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm. They only take cash and checks so don’t go in without them or you’ll regret it! Johnson’s Rock Shop is open to the public, family run, and is a little over 48 years old! 

SFA Mast Arboretum

Taken by Bee

In Nacogdoches there is a mast arboretum funded by SFA for students to learn more about the forest environment. According to SFA’s website, there are more than 7,500 species of plants in the arboretum! If you are itching to get out, explore this site, it’s definitely worth your time!

Junction Antique Mall

Taken by Bee

Here, you will find many items. From furniture to G.I. Joes, you’ll find unique objects like cameras from way back then and uranium glass. Whether you’re looking for a place to find the best antiques or just explore, this is the place to go! 

Naranjo Museum

Taken by Dalton

Rawr! If you’re a parent interested in having your kids be entertained by dinosaurs and historic items while being air conditioned, the Naranjo Museum is the way to go! There’s even a gift shop to buy shirts, plushies, and things to play with.

Crown of Thorns Nursery, LLC.

Taken by Dalton

Crown of Thorns is a beautiful local nursery that sells and displays plants and flowers that are native to the deep East Texas area. The nursery has seemingly endless rows of plants and gorgeous flowers to admire or to even purchase. What makes Crown of Thorns special is that the entire property is wheelchair accessible, providing a great experience to those who might not normally get the chance to enjoy the local outdoors. 

Angelina Airport and Café

The Angelina Airport Café is a fantastic place to eat. The food is immaculate with so much flavor and thought that you will always want another bite! Aside from food, the airport is also pretty calm and looks like a very nice to take a small read next to a window as you watch the planes come and go.

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