Mobilegeddon in the Texas Forest Country

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For the past week or so, we have been watching the Google mobile friendly update, a new Google algorithm that launched a week ago, aimed at significantly changing the mobile search results to give preference to mobile ready web sites over non mobile ready web sites.

But a week after the launch, has it really been such a significant update? Thus far, not really, but . . .

Google did confirm in press reports that the roll out began on Tuesday, April 21st. Some actually began noticing changes in the mobile results as early as Wednesday, April 22nd. But those shifts were not really significant.

MSGPR is  tracking the update and for the most part, they are not seeing huge shifts in the Google mobile ranking algorithm, just yet. We know it can take over a week, maybe even two weeks, to fully roll out. So maybe we just need to wait longer?

Check and see if your website or your favorite community web is compliant – Click here to find the test page.

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