Members of the Texas House & Senate Urge Governor Abbott to Ignore Misinformation about Proposed Light Rail Project

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Various members of the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate
sent a join-letter to Governor Greg Abbott urging him not to accept misinformation about a
proposed passenger rail project. State Representative James White joined other members of the
Texas Legislature in highlighting inaccurate talking points and promotion of ideas consistent
with the liberal Green New Deal.

Despite the misinformation, this proposed passenger rail project between Dallas and Houston
does not have any permits to begin construction. Moreover, the project does not have public
support or momentum. Alarmingly, many legislators, including State Rep. White, who have
signed the letter have received numerous calls from Texans afraid that eminent domain may be
used to strip them from their land and homes. Judges have already blocked the use of eminent
domain and county elected officials have publicly denounced the project.

After receiving this letter last week, The Governor announced that he is reviewing the accuracy
and legitimacy of this passenger rail project. “I urge the governor to listen to my fellow
legislators and hear our concerns about protecting Texan’s private property rights from foreign
governments and using their hard earned tax dollars to prop up failed projects. The people are
just sick and tired of this type of stuff,” stated Rep. White. “We don’t need Japan building our
infrastructure or taxpayer funded boondoggles such as the Green New Deal on Texas soil.”

Please do not hesitate to contact Saul Mendoza, Chief of Staff, with questions regarding this
release at 512-463-0490 or 409-283-3700.

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