Major Construction Project To Begin In Polk County

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Rhonda Oaks
Rhonda Oaks is the Public Information Officer for the nine-county Lufkin District of the Texas Department of Transportation. A Lufkin native, she is a graduate of Hudson High School and Angelina College. She has a background in print journalism and worked for many years as a newspaper reporter and a freelance writer. She has received eight Associated Press awards. Her articles have been published in many publications over the past 25 years.

A pre-construction meeting was held in the Lufkin District Regional Conference room Tuesday, signaling the start of a major construction project in Polk County.

Engineers, city representatives, consultants, utility, general contractors, environmental and safety professionals were in attendance to discuss the Corrigan Relief Route that will be constructed on the west side of Corrigan.

Barricades and signage will be set, and clearing work is scheduled to begin Sept. 22. Construction of the new roadway is set to begin late in the year. The $172.8 million construction project was designed and will be built to interstate standards and will include construction of new US 59 northbound and southbound lanes with controlled access.

The 6.3-mile project will be from 3.4 miles north of US 287 to 3 miles south of US 287. Work will include the construction of overpasses at United Pacific Railroad, US 287, and Union Springs Road. Entrance and exit ramps will be added at US 59 tie-ins and at the US 287 overpass and will include the construction of four main lanes for travel. James Construction Group LLC, Baton Rouge LA, will serve as contractor for the project that is scheduled to be completed in six years.

Planning for the Corrigan Relief Route (Future I-69) began in the late 1990s when environmental studies began but were stopped due to budgetary constraints. Project development resumed in 2012 when I-69 in Polk County was considered a top priority by the I-69 Segment Two Committee. Schematics and right-of-way maps were studied and in 2014, an open house was held for the public to view the proposed path.

Further refinements to the plan were made and presented to the public in 2015, and in 2016 environmental studies and schematic reviews were performed. A public hearing was held in 2017 to gather public comments and the Texas Transportation Commission approved the revisions and funded the project.

“This has been a long-anticipated project in the Lufkin District and it will be the biggest project as far as funding we have seen so far,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information officer. “We are anxious to see this project begin as are most East Texas residents and those who travel through Corrigan on US 59.”

The Lufkin District will host a groundbreaking event to celebrate the project in early December. The Corrigan Relief Route will be built to promote public safety, improve emergency evacuations, and support freight transport. As this work begins, motorists should be alert moving equipment and workers near the work zone. Reduce speed and obey all traffic control.

For more information, contact or call (936) 633-4395.

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