Good afternoon, TFCL!

Firstly, I wanted to thank you all for sticking with us as we find our niche within the community and grow into something you all come to love and appreciate. We are all incredibly excited for the future of TFCL, and hope that you all enjoy the new, fun content which we expect to be rolling out here in the coming weeks.

What’s New:

Well me, for starters! My name is Aaron Ferguson; As of about a month ago, I am the new editor for TFCL. I grew up in Rowlett (Dallas county) and found my home out here in ETX while attending school at Stephen F. Austin to pursue a B.A. in Political Science and performed with the SFA drumline. Go Jacks!

I’ve had a bit of a fun and interesting journey leading me here to Lufkin and TFCL, though to say it wasn’t also an unpredictable and tumultuous one would be a bold-faced lie. In just the one year since I graduated (December 2018), I became a licensed insurance agent in North Texas (immediately knew it wasn’t for me); wrote for a professional sports blog in Dallas which afforded me opportunities to meet some of my idols in the DFW sports scene; briefly interned in athletic communications at the University of New Mexico; nearly lost a few fingers working in a sheet metal plant in Dallas, and got to drive delivery trucks deep off-grid in the Rockies in some questionable places:

Maybe more than a little questionable…

I was worn down, stretched thin, and clearly in need of finding new direction- And ironically enough, I found it in the one place I believed I needed to get away from in order to find these very things. My marriage to TFCL could not have been timed more perfectly.

My calling has always been in writing and content development; Despite all of the interests and jobs I have pursued over the years, the written word has always been something that I have prided myself on and something which has always maintained my deepest respect. When the opportunity to work for TFCL presented itself here in Lufkin, I knew it was the perfect place to plant my flag.

So, I packed my things (again) and set off once again for Nacogdoches.  

Aside from a new job opportunity, I believe it is a deep-seated love and appreciation for the culture and way of life out here that brought me back as well. Having available to me the opportunity to incorporate that into a new career path has renewed my sense of purpose and direction in ways I have yearned for many years. I am very happy so far with our work and hope we can propel TFCL onward and upward!

Besides me;

We have incorporated a new look to our site (check it out) and are playing with it every day to see how things work in terms of functionality and style. TFCL is molding me into a man of many hats; and as I learn more about the development side of things and networking in our area to expand our reach to new readers/viewers, we will evolve and grow into a brand synonymous with the culture and lifestyle of the Texas Forest Country, and one which locals will want to make a part of their daily life.

East Texas Selfie

Along with all of the brand-new bells and whistles we are rolling out, our biggest announcement is the introduction of our new video series titled East Texas Selfie! Josh, our on-screen personality, will be helping us highlight local businesses by going hands-on and learning the tools of their trade, help build local awareness in the community and tell the story of some of our local business leaders in our area. We are proud of our strong and ever-growing community and want to share that pride with anyone and everyone! East Texas Selfie is fun, informative, and going to be a great addition to TFCL. As we become more cohesive as a crew, we have many other exciting feature opportunities we hope to be introducing to our content stream as well and want to include the entire community in on it!

We always love to hear from our readers, truly- You all are the machine that aids us in continuing our upward ascent. If you are a business/organization in our 12-county coverage area which is interested in building a feature with our video crew, wish to contribute to TFCL or just want to say hello, is where you can reach out to us. Hope to hear from all of you sometime!

Aaron Alexander Ferguson