Left to right: Brian Bray, Diana Walker, Clayton Collier, Ryan Blackburn, Wes Jensen Rick Ainsworth, Mike Kelly, Hilda Broom and Emily Kerr.
The Lanana and Banita Creek Trail Committee, a sub-committee of the Friends of Historic Nacogdoches, Inc., was recently awarded a grant from the National Board of Realtor’s for beautification of Ab’s Park, a public park located along Banita Creek near the intersection of Powers and Pearl Streets. The funds allowed for the creation of a planting area filled with native plants selected for their value to pollinating and other beneficial insects, which in turn will encourage other forms of wildlife, including song birds. The plant selection follows guidelines allowing the City to apply for designation as a Monarch Waystation and recognition with Parks for Monarchs.

Additionally, two benches and a large sculpture, created by Jeff Brewer, were installed as part of this project. This was a great partnership between, the City of Nacogdoches, the Trails Committee, National Board of Realtor’s and SFA’s Native Plant Center. The park will be a living reminder of the wonderful work Dr. Ab Abernathy put into our growing trail systems.