Keller Honored in Native American Heritage Celebration at Kansas

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Luis Ruperto
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On December 18th, Head Coach Kyle Keller was honored at the Native American Heritage Celebration before the matchup with the Kansas Jayhawks at Allen Fieldhouse. Past and current Native American Jayhawks were recognized, as Keller was an assistant coach under Bill Self for three seasons (2008-2011). 
“Being able to know your heritage and lineage is always extremely special,” said Keller. “To hear stories when I was growing up from my family as to what it was like being a true Native American made me appreciate how things were then and today.”
Keller was presented with a beaded medallion from the Native American Society.
“I was very proud and honored to be presented with an award from the Native American Society,” Keller added. “I am very proud to represent my tribe and culture. Awareness in our time today is so important.”

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