Just Kiddin’ Around Provides More than Clothing


Ashley Berry, the owner of Just Kiddin’ Around, opened up the store one year ago to help provide for the community clothes, toys, and other necessities to help the less fortunate. And on February 2nd, 2023 at Just Kiddin’ Around, the store hosted a Cheers with the Chamber event to celebrate its one-year anniversary. Having been a survivor of cancer, her testimony motivates her to help others through their struggles in life.

Berry was diagnosed with breast cancer and in chemotherapy for seven years. She distinctly remembers a time in which her family was gone and she was the only one left in the home, when she told God, “God, if You get me through this, I promise You I’ll give back”. And to this day, she has dedicated her life to giving back to others.

She considers herself a visionary, a dreamer, wanting to help other people. Her store is leverage for branching out into other projects like Care Navigation, which helped a single mother with eight children get a car, a house with up to three months of rent paid off and utilities.

Berry is even considering opening a store in Nacogdoches soon. She has donated twelve totes of clothes to LSID counseling, to help out the kids who need clothes.

She is spreading a little joy, to her, Just Kiddin’ Around is all about a message of hope and encouragement. It provides necessities, but even more, it equips the people with smiles, which is indicative of the help and progress being made throughout the community.