How to Take an Instant Picture

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Taking an instant picture can be a tedious process if you’re not used to it. I personally like taking instant photos because they allow me to make memories that I could forget. Taking photos is not cheap though so be aware of what you’re taking pictures of.

Today I will take you through the do’s and don’ts of taking an instant picture.

First we need to put film in! Film usually costs around $10 to $15 for one pack of ten sheets. To put the film in, open the back of the camera and place the yellow side of the film to where it aligns where the yellow is on the camera. After the film is secure, close the flap and you’re ready to go!

A lot of cameras are different as to how they turn on but mine turns on by pulling out the lens. After turning on the camera, choose what setting you’ll need. Since I was inside a building, I chose the home setting. My camera has four settings and each of them do different things for contrasting lighting. The house is for artificial light and the others are for natural light at different times of day. The cloud is for when it’s cloudy, the sun with eight rays is for morning or evening since that is when the sun is starting to come up and down and the brighter sun is for afternoon when the sun is out and shining.

Once everything is set up with your camera, make sure your subject is also ready. For a good photo, look through the view finder and ensure the subject is in focus and even.

The best photos are taken with thought

Before you take the picture, check for anything that might distract the viewer from the subject. If the picture is clear and ready to take, press the shutter button! After you take the picture, DO NOT SHAKE THE PHOTO!! Shaking the photo might result in bubbles in your photo so ensure that you DO NOT shake the photo.

When the photo has come out, lay it flat, face down so that the picture can process and develop. Wait five minutes (if its a polaroid, wait 15 minutes) and then you’re done!! Now you can enjoy the picture and share what you have.

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