How to Make a Scrapbook

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A scrapbook is a book for memories to be told. Have you ever felt like having a place to store your memories or interests just in case you forget them? Make a scrapbook!

It’s relaxing and it will help cure your boredom.

First, you’ll name your scrapbook!! Naming something gives you possession of that thing so name it something good!

I put “Life is better with people in it” because I want to put all my friends and family in this scrapbook and have them write their names on the cover. However, for the sake of theirs and my privacy, I put in pictures without people in them.

Here we have the sticky corners that will hold the photos in place. Make sure you have plenty before diving in!

In these pictures, you can see that I’ve put the sticky corner on the photo, opened the book, and put the photo on the page.

After putting in a few more photos in the book, I added a poem to the pages! XVII (I do not love you…) by Pablo Neruda is my favorite poem and I think it should be more known to the public. So if you want, add quotes, poems, or even song lyrics. Whatever resonates with you is what you should write down.

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