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Decorating can be the most demanding and stressful task. Hopefully, I can make that a little easier for you. There are simple rules for how to decorate appropriately. First, give everything some space because you don’t want everything too crowded. Secondly, create layers when you’re decorating. When decorating, you do not want to throw everything in a room and call it done, instead layer by color, greenery, and lighting.


When decorating your home, make sure you are doing what looks good to you, not what’s trending, because you are the one that has to see it every day! Also, it’s okay to want to change your decor when inspiration strikes. I rearrange my room once a week. It also helps to look up pictures of what you want your house to look like to help you make sure everything looks great.


Before going to big chain furniture stores, check your local boutiques and furniture stores. They will always have something unique to put in your home that no one else has. There are so many great local boutiques that have so much to offer. So before you go to a huge furniture store, check your local boutique first.


The most important thing is the details. Details make your decoration specifically unique to you and your home. They are what really make your decor pop! The details are all that you like, not what anyone else likes. Details are accents in your decorations to complete the perfect look. It could be a dresser that completes the look or even a tiny throw pillow.

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