Governor Abbott Hosts Small Business Roundtable To Discuss COVID-19 Liability Legislation

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Governor Greg Abbott today held a roundtable discussion with employees of Bison Coolers in Fort Worth. During the roundtable, the Governor discussed the importance of fostering a strong business climate, supporting the small business community in Texas, and the need for COVID-19 liability protections for businesses that operated safely throughout the pandemic. The Governor was also joined by Senator Kelly Hancock and Representative Jeff Leach, who have both filed legislation on COVID-related civil liability protections.

Earlier this year, the Governor named COVID-19 liability protections as an emergency item for the legislative session. These protections would ensure that businesses that took measures to comply with appropriate government guidance for mitigating the spread of the disease would not be liable if a person contracted COVID-19 on the premises of the business.

“Businesses and healthcare providers that operated safely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t have their livelihoods destroyed by frivolous lawsuits, which is why I made civil liability protections an emergency item this session,” said Governor Abbott. “Companies like Bison Coolers and their employees drive the Texas economy forward, and they need to know that the state of Texas has their back. Whether it is with COVID liability protections or other strategies, Texas will always support our small business community. When small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed, Texas succeeds.”

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