Governor Abbott Announces New Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing Facility In Kerrville


Governor Greg Abbott today announced that Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Inc. (KMM) will establish a new manufacturing facility in Kerrville. KMM produces circuit card assemblies and cable and fiber harnesses for the aerospace industry. The new facility will create 200 new jobs and generate more than $8 million in capital investment. A Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) grant of $903,000 has been extended to Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Inc.

“Texas is a leader in aerospace and aviation, and we are proud to welcome KMM’s new manufacturing facility to the Kerrville community,” said Governor Abbott. “Texas’ welcoming economic climate continues to attract the best and brightest from all sectors thanks to our strong workforce, low taxes, and reasonable regulations. I know that this new facility will strengthen Texas’ aerospace and aviation sector.”

“It is great to work with Texas, and specifically Governor Abbott,” said Don Hedger, President and CEO of Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Inc. “KMM greatly appreciates the pro-business environment of Texas. We look forward to a continuing relationship with the inviting community of Kerrville. It is clear that the Kerrville Economic Development Corporation is innovative, forward thinking, and community value minded. We also remain thankful to the Texas Workforce Commission who does so well to help our emerging workforce needs. Great leadership. Texas is great to work with, and the Hill Country is a special place.”

“We are so excited to welcome Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing as our newest economic partner,” said Rob Kelly, Kerr County Judge. “The incredible quality of jobs, benefits, and growth opportunities they bring to our community is the best I’ve seen in decades. Our future, and for that matter the future of the entire region, is much brighter with the addition of their aviation and aerospace manufacturing expertise. Most folks don’t know the significant impact that our local airport has on our economy. It’s one of the best kept secrets I’ve learned since taking office. Hopefully, this gateway opportunity with KMM will be a springboard to attract other similar manufacturers to our area. I believe this a giant step forward and just the beginning of Kerrville and Kerr County realizing our potential as the emerging economic hub of the Texas Hill Country. On behalf of Kerr County, we want to give Killdeer a big Texas welcome and officially adopt them as honorary Texans.”

“The opportunities afforded to Kerrville by this company expanding here are paramount given the number of quality jobs, specifically for our high school graduates,” said Bill Blackburn, Mayor of the City of Kerrville. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the family members of this company. They are good people who want to have this operation in a community, such as Kerrville, where they can make a difference. There is much excitement about this aviation manufacturer coming to Kerrville not only given the jobs it will produce, but their work and commitment to commercial airline aircrafts and Department of Defense equipment. We also have the opportunity of recruiting other aviation equipment manufacturers and even those in space exploration, which is exciting in itself.”

“Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing represents a very significant opportunity to add hundreds of well-paying jobs to the Kerrville market,” said Greg Richards, President of the Kerrville Economic Improvement Corporation. “As a Tier-1 supplier, it is certainly within the realm of possibilities this project will attract other clean industry jobs. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to welcome a project like Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing to our city. I expect EIC’s investment in this project to catalyze significant growth in our tax base, helping to bring in quality commercial development that will ease some of the tax burden off of individual taxpayers. Further, the number of employees expected to be hired by KMM will bring significant employment opportunity to our community.”

“We are particularly pleased to welcome Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing as our newest corporate citizen and business partner as we work to make Kerrville a destination for aerospace and aviation manufacturing,” said Mike Wittler, Chairman of the Kerr Economic Development Corporation. “I truly believe this is the first of many projects and partnerships we’ll see in aerospace thanks to the opportunity provided to us by KMM.”

“Significant factors in the site selection process of KMM include the Texas Enterprise Fund award as well as Kerrville’s open-for-business climate,” said Gilberto Salinas, Executive Director of the Kerr Economic Development Corporation. “Both, the capital investment and job creation commitment from KMM solidify the fact that Kerrville provides major companies the tools and resources to compete and succeed in the global aerospace and aviation market. As a result of KMM’s commitment and our community leadership, we will see increased business activity and value-add opportunity for years to come, which was the overall strategy set forth by the Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan.”

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