Google Assisting to Deliver More Vaccines and Education on Covid-19


It’s no doubt that the pandemic has affected communities worldwide. The need for vaccines is a significant focus in our country and Google is now assisting in this journey. Google announced on January 25 they will provide easier access to local pertinent information on where and when to get your vaccine.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google states, “Searches for “vaccines near me” have increased 5x since the beginning of the year and we want to make sure we’re providing locally relevant answers.”

States like Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arizona can expect COVID-19 vaccination locations to be available in the Google Search and Maps. This tool will include details of appointment or referral needed, specific groups available to receive the vaccine, and drive-through options will all be included in your local search.

Information will be gathered from pharmacies, government agencies, and Other states and countries can expect this service to be available at a later time.

Google will also provide more than $150 million towards COVID-19 education, accessing vaccine locations, and plans to open spaces to serve as vaccination sites when needed.

For more information, click here to read Pichais’ full announcement.