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Rozalin Martin

I’m Rozalin Martin, a new intern here at tfcl. I am a Christian and I am starting my Sophomore year at Lead Academy. I enjoy having fun with the people I love the most. I have always been interested in the arts. Recently, I have been a little frustrated with the outcomes of my art, but I have to remember how fun drawing is when I’m not in an art funk and keep trying! I am also very interested in learning digital animation! Animation is very inspiring and I think it’s very beautiful that you can bring emotion to your work, and I’d love to be able to do it one day! I really enjoy learning about Asian culture as well. For my senior trip, we are going to Japan and Korea and I am so excited to learn more about their lifestyle up close and try authentic Asian cuisine! I have just recently started learning Korean for my foreign language at school, and I hope to be fluent for our trip! I really enjoy collecting K-pop albums and the cards that come inside them. I trade cards with people from all around the world! I had one come in from Hawaii and another from Israel. I have one coming in from Germany. i enjoy collecting card sets, and it makes getting mail fun! 

Bee Martinez

Hello, I’m Bee! I would say I am very emotionally driven, but I don’t have a lot of control over how much I let out. I like to draw occasionally, but recently I haven’t had the motivation to draw anything. I also enjoy taking photos of people and of myself, but it has been a while since I’ve taken some of myself because I don’t have the imagination to make anything creative just yet. My favorite thing is when I take pictures of people at weird angles and with a tilt. I personally think it gives the photo more character and depth. A lot of photographers probably think it’s weird that I take photos like that but you know what, they are gravely mistaken. I used to be really into drawing, but it ended up correlating with a traumatic experience that I had, so I usually end up caving when it comes to drawing anything. I took on photography as a hobby during my middle school years because I thought it would be fun to randomly take pictures of things that I like. Fast forward to junior year of high school and I’m in a photography class with digital cameras and ended up falling head over heels for it. I think photography is what drives me to be better than I really am. I try my best to be as humble as possible and have a really hard time accepting that yeah, maybe I am a good or even an amazing photographer. I don’t like selling myself out because I feel like I’m some hidden gem that needs some heavy polishing to be the best gem that I can be. My dream was to be the greatest there is, but thinking back on it now, it would be impossible. I have the skills and creative drive, but there are so many things that different people like, I couldn’t possibly be the best. I can only hope that my photography encourages other people to look at the world from a different point of view. I used to look at the world with such hate and negativity because of how people can be, but there had always been a good part of society all along, I just never saw it until I met my inner self. I don’t think I am fully done healing from my past and what I have been through, but I know that in time I will be able to go forward and be who I truly am without fear of other people’s opinions.

Dalton Currie

Hello, hello! My name is Dalton Currie. I am a recent graduate from Lufkin High School with Summa Honors. In high school I was involved in band, theatre, National Honor Society, Honor Guard, Ignite, and Early College High School. I plan on attending Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas to pursue a degree in either Photography or Communications Design. After college, I either want to be a graphic designer for a large company or a freelance photographer. 

Growing up I moved around a lot because my dad was a pipeliner, subsequently, I was home-schooled for my later years of elementary and early middle school. After landing back in Lufkin, I went to Central Jr. High for sixth and seventh grade, then transferred to Lufkin ISD for the rest of my school career. Throughout high school, I explored other things that I really enjoyed doing. These things include expressing myself through music, taking pictures of people who make them feel the most confident, and learning new things about other cultures. 

My long-term plans are up in the air right now. As I said, I am planning on attending college but after that, there really isn’t a plan. I’d like to get a well-paying job and buy a home. In the future, I’d like to get married and have kids. Eventually, I’d like to travel to Europe so that I can get to see all of the art histories that I studied in high school. Seeing things like the Sistine Chapel, Parthenon, the Louvre, and the Pantheon would make me so happy to be able to experience them in real life. 

I have one really big role model, and that is my mom. It may sound like a cliche, however, But for as long as I can remember, my mom has been there for me in every single step of life I have taken. From getting my first job to getting mediocre achievements through school, class parties (where she brought a waffle iron and made the entire classroom waffles), graduating high school and most recently getting accepted into my top choice of university. She has always been there for me and she will always be there for me. Even if I decide to make some stupid decisions, she will always come to me if I ever need her. I am super highly blessed to call my mom, my mom. I love her to the moon and back. 

Rachel Havard

Hi everyone! I’m Rachel, I’m going into my junior year at a Christain co-op, LEAD Academy high school, and I’m one of the interns at tfcl. Working on tfcl with everyone has been such a fun journey. One of my favorite things to do for tfcl is going out and taking photos for the events, and then editing them. Photography has always been a passion in my life and it’s helped me practically and emotionally. In a practical sense, I’ve learned professional photography skills. On the emotional side, photography brings me joy and has defined my future plans. Although I’ve done a variety of things, I’m so happy that I can pursue my dream of being a photographer by going out and shooting photos of events and the like for tfcl. Photography is one of a few of my hobbies and a passion of mine. Some of my other hobbies include art, singing, playing guitar, and playing dungeons and dragons.

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