Front Porch Distillery Begins Production and Distribution of Hand Sanitizer


In an effort to help curb the local shortage of sanitation products, Nacogdoches’ Front Porch Distillery has begun to repurpose some of their still operations to begin manufacturing hand sanitizer to help the community fight back the spread of COVID-19.

“This is a highly unusual time in our community, and we are just trying to offer a little help,” said Taylor Bradford, Marketing Manager for the distillery.

Front Porch’s 190 proof vodka- a spirit certainly strong enough to kill any pathogen it comes in contact with- is being repurposed as a cleaning agent and distributed free of charge. We are aware that while supplies are limited and may run out, they will continue to produce as supplies become more readily available; They ask that if you wish to come receive sanitizer, that you bring travel size containers for them to fill, as this will help maintain a plentiful supply for the community.

Front Porch continues to observe working hours of 8-5 and are currently operating as a drive-through service. Keep up with updates via their Facebook page; and while you’re out there, if you’re of the appropriate age, what better time to check out their list of available spirits as well!?

Please Drink Responsibly.