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Luis Ruperto
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When August rolls around it’s always an exciting time for parents and SFA students alike, which means that school is just around the corner. In an ideal world, the students are excited to go back for another semester, there’s back to school shopping, move-in dates, and of course, the famed first day of class or “Syllabus Day” as I like to call it.

Though we knew that we would have to practice social distancing and wear face masks around campus, I for one didn’t care. Yes, it is annoying and not the most comfortable thing to wear at times but if it is what I have to do to gain a sense of normalcy then I don’t mind.

See, for as crazy as the past couple of months have been since Spring Break, the one thing I knew was going to happen one way or another was school. So, after being stuck at home for the majority of 6 months going back to school was like an oasis in the middle of the desert and the idea of studying and doing homework seemed exciting to me.

Even though we were coming back, we weren’t coming back to the campus we knew and loved. While on its face it’s the same buildings, colors, and scenery, on the inside the dynamic is something I thought I would never see.

It is one thing to know that you have to wear a face mask but it’s something different, unique even, when you see it in person and in practice at school. And while some may say it’s the same as wearing a mask at the grocery store, yes, but even at the beginning we never thought we would wear a mask at the store, the same feeling applies here.

But I think I speak for all lumberjacks when I say that we were all curious if not anxious as to how the first day of class was going to play out with all of the social distancing measures in place, on top of trying not to get COVID as part of your personal safety and precautions.

But I gotta say, SFA did a pretty good job preparing for our return, but the first day was just not the same. it seemed watered down and I didn’t feel that Lumberjack buzz in the air I had grown accustomed to during my time here.

I know that some students chose to stay online as part of their health and safety which is understandable, and no one can blame them, but they also play a crucial role in the spirit of SFA life that is being missed dearly.

As “Syllabus Day” came to a close I was hopeful for a great week and an even better final semester here at SFA but…. 2020 had something else up its sleeve, we didn’t even make it to Wednesday before classes were canceled due to inclement weather and hurricane Laura. Yeah, we knew Laura was coming but at first, we weren’t supposed to get hit, then we were and at the last minute we didn’t, thankfully. It just seems like we can’t have one good week this year before we get another curveball and personally, I find some humor in that.

I know a lot of people are wishing for this year to just end so we can move into 2021 and maybe have better luck and I am one of those people but the more I sit and think the more I realize that we should enjoy life daily because you have no idea what is going to happen. Make the most of what you have and those you have around you.

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