Faith and Prayer Leads to Growth at Farmer’s Market


When Tommy and Lynn Bryan took over the market over 4 years ago, the market was in need of improvements for its growth. Today, it is ranked fourth in the state of Texas, fifth in the Southwestern region, and fifty-second nationwide by the USDA farmers Market Directory out of more than 8600 total markets.

One of the vendors of the Farmer’s Market is Bryan Farms, which has been a part of the market for five years. It grows, produces, and promotes for all the farmers in East Texas. It has an unlimited number of farmers that it aids. The purpose of Bryan Farms is to make the avenue easier for farmers to sell their produce.

Bryan Farms opens doors not only for farmers locally, but farmers state-wide, and civilians who are just looking to sell plants that they might be growing. One also gets a chance to meet quality people, who are just seeking to help out their community.

Another vendor is the Cheese-Ball Factory, which Lynn Bryan opened up herself on September 15th, 2022, two weeks before her husband’s birthday. Lynn owned a restaurant prior to this for sixteen years.

Her inspiration, the ultimate reason, for opening up the Cheese-Ball Factory was a prayer she prayed one night. A voice came to her, weird enough, and told her to open up a “cheeseball” factory. The next day, a guy randomly calls her up and offers a food display case, then two days later, another guy offers a cooler. 

Lynn told God, “God, if this is Your will, I’ll make it happen”. 

The next thing you know, the factory is up and running. The factory makes different kinds of cheeseballs, eleven flavors, for parties or just self-enjoyment. 

For more information on how you can get involved or sell your products, contact Tommy Bryan at (936) 366-4535 and his wife, Lynn Bryan, at (936) 366-4536.