This easy fleece scarf would make the perfect first time sewing project. It’s so simple to make, and it’s for under $5 each. This is a very inexpensive project to tackle!

A few months ago I was at a marching band competition for my older two kiddos, and a lady walked by with the cutest fleece scarf on in their school colors. Of course, I thought to myself I could totally make that. And I did!

So, let’s get started!

Easy Fleece Scarf at

felt scarf

I bought a half yard of red, black, and white fleece (our school colors). This was enough to make 3 scarfs. You can make them any color you’d like though.
First, I cut my fleece into long 7 inch wide strips, the length of the material. So I had one strip for each color. It doesn’t have to be exactly straight. You might notice mine aren’t all exactly 7 inches wide. Just do your best. This project is very forgiving. Lay the 3 strips on top of each other and pin in place.

felt scarf tutorial 1

Now it’s time to get out that sewing machine!

felt scarf tutorial 2
Then you will sew the fleece right down the middle in one long stitch.

felt scarf gift idea

Then you’ll take some fabric scissors and cut 1 inch strips on each side of the seam. Be careful not to cut all the way to the seam though.

felt scarf tutorial 5

Then I kind of fluffed up the scarf and tied a few knots here and there along each side to help hide the seam.

felt scarfs are so easy to make

I am so excited on how it turned out! This would make a great first time sewing project to do with your girls. They’d love it!
felt scarf