DIY Snowflakes To Cure Boredom

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With Christmas just around the corner, it would be fun to do some crafts. I’ve actually never made a paper snowflake so this will be an experience for me as well as for some of you. Come and learn with me!

When you get a piece of paper you’ll have to fold it into a potential square and cut off the excess as shown in the picture.

Once you’ve taken care of the waste, you’ll fold the paper into a smaller triangle and fold the left corner upwards to the middle of the long end of the paper.

Then you will fold the other half and line it up. After lining it up, you will then cut off the points so that it makes the shape of a cone.

You will then outline what you would like the snowflake to be and cut off what you don’t want.

And voila! Now you have a beautiful snowflake to put on your wall, door, ceiling, or wherever you want!

Thinking back on how difficult this was, I would say for a small brainer such as myself, it’s relatively easy until you think about all those other difficult patterns you could do. All together, this was a fun project that I would 100% do again and I hope you will consider making more as well!

If you think you’re a prodigy at making snowflakes then consider checking out these complicated designs! I know I will.

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