Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch Set to Participate in East Texas Giving Day April 28, 2020


Despite the pandemic, the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch continues to provide uncompromised care for its residents and needs to raise $10,000 for a new primate habitat for 14 macaque and capuchin residents rescued from the pet trade and research labs.

MURCHISON (April 6, 2020) — The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is embracing East Texas Giving Day – April 28, 2020 from 6am CT to midnight- to bring public awareness and support to the building and completion of its state-of-the art primate habitat that costs nearly $600,000. East Texas Giving Day helps provide critical funding for area nonprofits and is organized by East Texas Communities Foundation.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the care of the nearly 800 residents residing at the sanctuary must go on. On Giving Day, the sanctuary is hoping to raise $10,000 for the completion of its innovative design for nine current resident macaques and five capuchins as well as future monkey residents rescued from the exotic pet trade and research labs. When completed, the new structure can provide a home for more than 50 primates and will include two wooded half-acre yards, spacious heated housing for the winter months, platforms and climbing structures.

While these animals are currently in well-equipped enclosures, the new structure will further enhance meeting their physical, social and psychological needs and raises the bar on what life can be like for them, including Nanette and Gabby — two resident rhesus macaques retired from research living at Black Beauty since 1997. Nanette, identified in research as RH-1228 gave birth to her daughter, Gabby identified as RH-1278 “the infant of RH-1228” in 1992. The mother-daughter have put their horrible early lives behind them and spend hours grooming each other in the sun, foraging, enjoying food puzzles, digging through grass and sunning themselves on a high platform.

On East Texas Giving Day Black Beauty is asking supporters and the community to spread the word and take advantage of dollar-for-dollar matching funds – a great way to inspire donors to give and help the sanctuary reach its goal of giving these primates a better life. Prescheduled giving starts April 6th. To make a donation, go to

The sanctuary is also hoping that people spread the word about #BlackBeautyRanch and #ETGivingDay by sharing on social media, in emails and in texts to encourage others to give. Follow Black Beauty Ranch on social media at Facebook and Instagram.