Best Four Kitchen Hacks


How To Measure Sticky Ingredients

Measuring things like honey or syrup can be a huge hassle. When measuring sticky ingredients, you can never get everything out of the measuring cup. This is a hack I will guarantee you will want to use. First, grab some cooking spray such as canola oil spray. Then, grab your measuring cup and spray it with your cooking spray. Finally, you can measure your sticky ingredient and most, if not all, will come out.

Do You Ever Want Potato Chips But Don’t Want To Go To The Store?

Good news! You can make potato chips in your microwave. The first thing you need to do is slice your potatoes as thin as possible. Then, put some parchment paper down and lay the sliced potatoes flat; do not stack them. Next, spray them with canola oil, or any oil. After that spice them with your desired spices, such as salt and pepper. Cook them in the microwave for five to seven minutes or your desired crispiness. Make sure to lay all your potatoes flat in the microwave for the best result.

How to Keep Fruits and Veggies from Going Bad so Fast

One of the most frustrating things is when your fruits or veggies spoil right when you need them. Here are just a few tips to keep your fruits and veggies from spoiling so fast. For bananas, try wrapping the stem, where all the bananas are connected, with plastic wrap, to keep air from getting in. When storing tomatoes, store them with the stem pointing down.

An Easy Way to Peel veggies

Peeling can be one of the most tedious tasks but you can make it easier. How? Well first, you’re going to need to boil the veggie for three or four minutes. While the veggie is boiling, get a large bowl and fill it with ice water, making sure that the ice is not completely melted. After the veggies are done boiling, quickly transfer them into the ice bath. Let them rest for four to five minutes, then take them out and watch the peeling magically fall off with little to no effort