Bearded Beauty: Meet Aaron Thompson

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Editor’s Note: Every Saturday in November we will introduce a Bearded Beauty, a man with a full beard or mustache, to raise awareness for men’s health, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention. Not only will we raise awareness, but we will also shares tips of the tricks of those who have mastered a beard and mustache.

A photo of Bearded Beauty Aaron Thompson.

Meet 35-year-old Aaron Thompson, Nacogdoches resident, network support specialist for Stephen F. Austin State University, and bearded beauty. We sat down with Aaron who told us the reason he grew out his beard and how he styles it every morning. Keep reading for more from Aaron!

 TFCL: Why did you decide to grow your beard out?
Aaron: I didn’t really have a choice. The hair on my head migrated to my face.

TFCL: How long have you been growing out your beard?
Aaron: I almost always have a short beard, but my son asked me about a month ago to grow a “Lumberjack beard,” so this is about a month of growth on top of my normal beard.

TFCL: Do you have any advice for beginners on growing out facial hair?
Aaron: Be patient. Hair grows in cycles and the fullness of the beard can take a while.

Aaron Thompson said conditioner is a must for beard grooming.

TFCL: How do you style your beard every morning?
Aaron: My morning routine is conditioner in the shower, then tea tree oil and argan oil brushed in later.

TFCL: Do you have any tricks of the trade or any products you use while growing your facial hair out?
Aaron: Conditioner is a must. Don’t just slap some on and then wash it off. I leave mine in for a solid 10 minutes.

TFCL: The beard brings awareness to men’s health in November, why do you think it’s important to bring awareness?
Aaron: Men’s health awareness is important because most young men think they’re invincible. Healthy habits started early will help prevent problems when you realize that you’re not actually invincible.


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