Two American bald eagles at a nest near the lake at Ellen Trout Zoo.

We’ve heard rumblings about some sightings of Bald Eagles in the Angelina County area, and whether you are a connoisseur of the avian sorts or have never seen one and would like to, we want to help!

Our resident bald eagles are joined by eagle migrants from January to March, making it the perfect time to go bald eagle watching. It’s also nesting season, when the eagles are very active. 

To find areas with bald eagles, check the Texas Nature Trackers Texas Eagle Nests project map. If you spot an eagle nest, photograph it. Then join Texas Nature Trackers and add your photo to the project – it helps biologists track them. They also post eagle sightings on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Insider tip: If you are out in the Palestine area or near Fairfield off of IH-45, then Fairfield Lake State Park usually is a great spot to sight bald eagles. 

The bald eagle was declared endangered in 1966. Assisted by conservation laws and a ban on the pesticide DDT, it was taken off the endangered species list in 2007. Today, your Texas Game Wardens work to protect eagles from poaching and poisoning and recently assisted in the rescue of an injured bald eagle