It was an extremely gray and chilly day, the wind gusted past strongly and blew a heavy whistle. The trees danced to the chaotic rhythm of the air and buckets of rain poured in mercilessly.

And there I sat, with my notebook and pencil on the desk, in front of a blank computer screen. There were millions of thoughts going on inside my head, yet I felt empty. I couldn’t pour any thought out on paper.

You know, problems do that to us. They swelter upon us, they pile up quickly, mound after mound, and they are not satisfied until they have both killed us and buried us, while we are still alive.

So I was stuck in a vortex of stress and depression. And trauma. I was too busy being the victim of usury, like I was a novelty item. I could feel God telling me, “Son, I was warning you the whole time”. Yeah. To stay away from such women, from certain crowds, whose only interests they lived for were their own. Slipping was the easiest thing to do, it seemed like. Wasting money left and right, wasting time here and there; on people, on things, that benefited me at no time, both psychologically and spiritually.

You see, if one is not careful, he can be drawn away in his youthful passions, and it is not until he is bit that he realizes that he was entertaining a devil the entire time, under the disguise of a “righteous one”.

My youthful passions blinded me to reality, and I was consumed in them to my demise. Now the after-effects were like bands of steel, tightly wrapped about and reinforced with thick chains, with a huge padlock with the key lost forever in an endless pit. When I tried to run to others for guidance, for refuge, they knew not what to do, nothing they said could fix anything.

Then I remembered who it was that always had my back. He never left me. Whenever I would tell Him something, He didn’t lose interest, He would just listen. And every single time I would fall, He didn’t laugh, but He was there to comfort me. I remembered that anything He did, whatever He said, no bond was strong enough to hold it. Surely, He could free me from this hell.

Jesus is the Savior, I said to myself. And He saves, and saving consists of rescuing one from peril, whatever that may be.

So–I approached Him, there was no other choice.