Ashby Sends Letter Opposing High Speed Rail Project

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State Representative Trent Ashby (R-Lufkin) has joined with two of his House colleagues in sending a joint letter to the Federal Railroad Administration opposing the proposed high-speed rail project from Dallas to Houston by the Texas Central High-Speed Railway, LLC.

“I have been working with my colleagues in the Legislature, as well as with the Governor’s office, to ensure that we are doing all we can to stop this proposed rail project from dissecting our rural communities,” Ashby said. “We are now escalating this fight to the federal government to attempt to curtail this effort.”

The proposed high-speed rail connecting Houston and Dallas would most likely create short-term jobs during the construction phase, but this economic benefit would be greatly outweighed in the long-term. Private property interests will be forcibly taken through eminent domain and permanently inflict damage to land owners. Much of this land includes farm and ranchland, which is often held by families for generations. Property values would also likely decrease due to the limitations of property imposed by the high-speed rail.

“I firmly believe that we should not have to give up our precious property rights for a rail project that will bring little to no economic benefit to our region,” Rep. Ashby stated.  “I have heard loud and clear the outpouring of opposition from the people I represent, and my office will continue to work with local officials and citizens to fight this proposal in any manner feasible.”

Photo: Texas Central High-Speed Railway, LLC

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