4 Ways to Celebrate National Cut Your Energy Cost Day

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National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, celebrated on January 10, 2021, is a day to observe and look at how you can start reducing your energy bill in the year ahead. It’s not only about heating, but also cooling, because let’s face it, here in East Texas, we use our AC more than the heater.

Bryan Compton and Lee Miller, energy broker partners at Amerigy Energy bring us a few tips and tricks from a couple of experts on some ways we can reduce our energy bill, and not worry about that monthly bill we all dread. 

“The number one way that many can reduce their energy bills, especially electricity is to shop for better rates,” according to Miller. “Unfortunately, that can be a minefield in itself. Just read the latest social media post about who to use and it becomes obvious that most people have no clue how to find the best rate and company. And, watch out for the “powertochoose” websites. The low cost plans many times are promotional hooks.”

Miller continues to point out that you need to study the Energy Facts Label (EFL) required on every plan. Be sure and check out the EFL when shopping.

Compton adds, “Watch out for the “gimmick” plans such as “free nights & weekends” or “tiered plans” that require you to hit a target each month. Index plans can look like a savings but will make you cry in the hot summer months!”

Like me, you may now be wondering what a full-service energy broker is. 

“Although you don’t have to use a broker, our advantage is that we keep track of the best companies that are out there and how they can service our customers best.” Compton says, “We guide our customers to these companies that have great proven low cost plans.” 

Amerigy Energy is a full-service energy broker firm that helps everyday people (aka consumers) understand their energy needs and to help them find affordable solutions. They get daily pricing from over 90 customers.

Here are four ways we can do just that.

4 Ways to help reduce your usage.


It’s no secret that we constantly need to be plugged in, from our phones and laptops to our tablets and smartwatches. All of the things that need to be plugged in at night to have us ready to go for the next day. One way to do this is to use a power strip, and when you are finished charging up, just simply flip the power switch off.

Turn Off the Lights

We all know this one. While we’re working on our New Year resolutions, how about making it a habit of turning off lights as you leave a room is another great way to reduce costs monthly?

Pay Attention to Appliances

The appliances we use on a daily basis gobble up our electricity. When looking for new appliances be sure to look at energy-efficient models as another way to save monthly.

Heating and Cooling

Being comfortable at home is a must. There are so many ways you can save when it comes to the thermostat in your house. A programmable thermostat is a great option, allowing you to have one setting while you are away, and a setting for while you sleep.

There are so many things we can do to save on our electric bill each month, and each household is different. Finding what works for you and your family is a great way to start. 

Compton reminds us, “again, getting a better plan on average saves our customers 25%. If your bill on a 1,200 kilowatts, let’s say is over 90, 91, 92 dollars, you really need to go to amerigyenergy.com/residental and shop for a new plan.”

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