3 Food Hacks I Use Everyday


Have you ever had difficulties doing a task, but then you remember that really cool hack? Food hacks make life so much easier and save time. So here are three of the best kitchen hacks I use on a daily basis.

How to soften your butter

If you are like me you keep your butter in the fridge, but that can be frustrating when you need to spread it on a piece of bread. If you have a little time you can get a bowl and soak it with hot water from your sink. Then place the bowl upside down over the butter. If you are in a little time crunch, you can get a cheese grater, and grate your butter. It will be much easier to spread like that.

Bring your Stale Bread Back To Life

Do you have a loaf of Stale bread? Well, this is how you can bring it back to life. You can put a little bit of water on the top of the loaf and put it in the oven for a couple of minutes. This hack works better with french baguette style bread, and it has to be a whole loaf.

Keep Chopped Herbs Longer

Usually, after you chop herbs they go bad pretty fast, and you end up wasting them! Here’s how to make them last longer. If you store herbs like flowers, changing out the water occasionally, the herbs will last much longer!

I hope these food hacks make your life a little easier.