3 Essential Food Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

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Food hacks make our lives so much more easy! Whether it’s preserving food for longer, or to make baking simpler, food hacks are essential for everyone’s daily living because they save time and sometimes even money!


Have you ever baked cookies that only last for a day, and then get stale quickly after that first day? Well here is a food hack to help you! If you put a piece of bread with your cookies, the bread will absorb moisture in the air before the cookies do, which is why food becomes stale. Now, your cookies should last for a lot more time!


When baking cookies you always need some sort of dairy product such as butter or milk. Sometimes, you might forget to take the butter out and let it soften. Something to speed up the softening process is to slice the butter and it will soften faster. Another way for it to soften fast is to place a warm dish over the stick of butter.


When you slice apples, they turn brown quickly after. How can you stop that? Well, all you need to do is soak your apple slices in lemon juice and they will keep fresh for much longer. If you are cooking with lemons or limes, try microwaving them for 7-10 seconds. Then roll them on the counter to get the most juice out of them!

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